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About Us

What we do


ILX wants to offer you the best experience of your life!

We will provide you with all the necessary facilities and all the information you require so you can be fully equipped and ready for your adventure.
Depending on your likes and tastes, you can opt for an option or another. Whether you prefer mountain or whether you prefer sea (or maybe a combination of both?!) we can cater for your need.

All our packages seek to create an encounter with the country, the natives and even a sport, that might be already known to you or might end up being a new discovery in your life which turns into a passion.
We share the strong belief that the best way to get to know a place is through its people, something we put a big emphasis on when creating these packages.
Get to know your inner daredevil with ILX!

Who we are

Who we are

It starts during summer 2014. A Russian known by the name of Tatiana and a Venezuelan named Daniela, bond in the land of camels and tajines: Morocco. Thrill seekers and adventurers, they both develop a big passion for this country. The strong bond of friendship leads them onto an idea; creating a business together to reflect their passion for travel and adrenaline.

The birth of ILX: iLiveXtreme

Nowadays many of us live a life governed by a watch, an agenda, responsibilities… ILX wants to offer an escape from that. An escape from the routinary into something thrilling. We aim to spread and create a feeling of adrenaline inside you. A feeling of excitement and discovery for a new country, a new culture and a new sport.
ILX is for everyone and anyone.

Why Us

Why Us

ILX differs from other online travel agencies because it is composed of people who have experienced the real feeling of adventure and authenticity of a place.

We want you to really integrate into the culture and connect with it’s most important element; it’s people.
We work directly with the locals, creating unique experiences and thousands of memories to take with you back home.

our team

  • Tatiana Martínez

    Russian by birth, Spanish by blood but a traveler by heart. Traveling has been the true love of her life. She always thought that it is worth sacrificing anything or any cost to travel. Her restlessness, dreamy spirit and love for the route make her unstoppable and at the same time prohibit her to stay in one place all my life.

  • Daniela Petersen

    A Latin American heart, full of kindness and tenderness who likes to face the world with a smile on her face. Very loving but at the same time a strong and independent woman. A fighter. A free-spirited traveler who is creative and dreamy but has her goals well defined. Enjoying her biggest adventure which she calls life.

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